Pablo Picasso. Little Flowers, 1958

Cultivate love, creating life anew

Uniquely yours: past, present and future too.

Live the values of your true heart,

Teaching others to do their part.

Understand each has immeasurable worth;

Respect the variety all over the earth.

Embracing love, cultivate new birth.

“Advent on my mind” by MerryLark, 2016.11.29

[This is my response to The Daily Post’s one-word prompt “Culture”.]

The accompanying artwork is “Petite Fluers” (Little Flowers) by Pablo Picasso, 1958

Found on a website dedicated to Picasso’s art.


6 thoughts on “Culture

  1. Culture is food, fun, laughter, games and music. It is happy, sad, long and memorable. It can represent the good, the bad or the ugly. It’s taking a trip down memory lane with those we love, or those we long to love. Culture is where you are!


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