Les noisettes.jpg

“The Nut Gatherers” by William-Adolphe Bouguereau




Echoes calling “hello, dear other!”

Calling to you, my sister, my brother:

“How are you? ‘Hope all’s well!

O’er the seas and o’er the dell!”


Echoes calling,

Calling to you,

“Hello, my friend!”

Old or new.




Hello, dear






O- o- o!

~MerryLark 2016.12.01


I know the Nut Gatherers doesn’t really portray an echo!  But this was one of my favorite paintings from childhood.  My childhood best-friend gave it to me for one of my birthdays, and it has ever since then represented the Ideal of friendship, because it’s beautiful, because of our friendship, because of her.  And friendships are a type of echo.  We call out and listen.  In friends we hear Other and we hear our selves.  And when we are very lucky, we find our best self reflected back from a loving Other.



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