Look until you really see


I need color in my world.  I need to see things intentionally formed and framed.  Mostly I need reminders of creativity undaunted by anything that would oppress the human spirit.  This blog is where I will collect examples of my favorite art or uses of color or form or framing in any kind of delivery.  Some of the art will be famous.  Whenever I can credit the artist, I will.  Some of what I display will be my own photography.  I don’t claim to be a photographer.  I just have a smartphone camera, and I take pictures whenever I see something beautiful in my world, or something that moves me somehow (whether it’s “beautiful” or not).  I might write about why it moves me or what I think about when I see what I see, or I might try to describe with words what it is I’m actually seeing — because what I see might be different than what you see, even though we’re looking at the same image.  But mostly, I just want to collect these images in one place because sometimes I just need to look at them again and again.